Healing Broken Bones & Inflammation

How Can Using Crystals Help?

Want help with healing broken bones? You may be aware that there are a number of crystals that can assist your body to heal itself, and individual stones may assist your body to heal in various ways.

A couple of years ago I fell down the stairs and broke my wrist. So when that happened it seemed logical to explore the specific healing attributes of crystals that might help me to heal.

So I went on a search to discover which stones might be effective to aid the healing of fractures and bone breaks.

Using Crystals For Healing Bones & Inflammation

I am aware that many of you may also have had surgery for various other reasons, not just as treatment for broken bones, so I wanted to provide you with ways to speed your healing.

As part of my research when writing this page, I discovered that broken wrists were one of the most common breaks... along with broken toes, so I knew there might be a lot of people who also need this information.

My break was quite bad, so I also required surgery to put in a plate and pins. This led me to look for stones that might help to reduce the inflammation and aid the healing of the cut made by the surgeon.

There are a few aspects to healing broken bones. One aspect is to help the body to heal the actual break, as well as helping the body to heal related inflammation.

The other important attribute to look for in your stones properties is to find some that may assist the body to deal with associated trauma. Any type of accident or illness puts the body under immense stress.

So the body has not only got to deal with healing the damage done if you have an accident but it also has to deal with stress that is created by the incident.

The energy of Vivianite is very helpful to aid you to deal with shock caused by distressing injuries, and also aids physical healing.

One of the most difficult issues is the mental and emotional strain that you have to deal with.

Some of the first stones that may benefit you, are crystals known to help you to deal with the stress and traumatic emotions related to your accident or illness.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Healing Broken Bones?

When you love crystals you use them every day for healing all sorts of health issues.

So it was logical to investigate the healing qualities of various stones to see which ones had been reported to assist the body to naturally heal the bones.

You will be pleased to discover that many of the stones on the list are well known, even common stones, that you can purchase quite easily. Stones like Blue Kyanite are likely to already be part of your collection.

While there are some stones on the list that I haven't used yet, they are there as they are reputed to help bone healing. So take a look and see if you own any of these stones and can utilize them.

When I broke my wrist, I actually bought some additional stones that are specifically suggested for healing broken bones, so that I could help my body to heal more quickly.

Some of the stones on the list are fairly uncommon, but others are more well known.

For me it was a matter of also looking into what other attributes a specific stone might have over and above its attributes to aid your bones or inflammation to heal.

Wearing Stones... What To Use To Help You

As I am a practical person, it seemed logical for me to wear stones for healing broken bones on my body where possible, so that I could keep the energy close by for long periods.

The lovely Tiger Eye Bracelet pictured here was a great help as it's design meant that it sat flat against my skin.

I wore it for part of every day for months, either on my arm with the broken wrist or on my other arm

But be aware that while it can be beneficial to have them close by to aid your healing, it is not necessarily useful to have them in your bedroom if you are spending all day resting.

In some cases the vibration can be too much to use all day long. I found that I was unable to wear the Hematite beads for long as they had such a strong energy.

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