Black Obsidian Dainty Bracelet
Black Obsidian Dainty Bracelet

Black Obsidian Dainty Bracelet

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Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass born quickly out of cooled lava from the volcano. This is why it has the most potent energies. It has the elements of fire, water, and earth.

Obsidian carries the inherent frequency of protection, sealing the aura and removing energetic attachments, hooks, and cords, as well as eliminating negative energies within the self and one’s environment.

This black stone has an excellent spiritual grounding vibration and also has strong psychic protection energy that shields you from any form of negativity and stress.

Keep this Black Obsidian Bracelet on you for as long as you can each day to benefit greatly from its energy.

Material: Black Obsidian
Bead Size:4mm
Color: Black

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